Africana Studies is a global, multi-disciplinary minor at Appalachian State University. It explores the complex historical, social, political, cultural, and economic issues associated with peoples of African descent. The Minor is committed to diversity, encouraging students of all races and ethnicities to think critically.

In the Department of Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies, students can design their own Africana Studies program of study through the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.

In the Department of History, students seeking the BS Degree in History (non-teaching) can choose a Concentration that is focused on Africana Studies

A Minor in Africana Studies consists of 18 semester hours, 12 of which are prescribed and 6 hours of electives. The Minor integrates academic disciplines and includes a variety of course offerings.

Students who have completed 12 semester hours of approved courses in Africana Studies can earn a certificate that recognizes their interest in this global, multi-disciplinary program.

Several courses in the program can count in both Gen Ed and in Africana Studies. Students should schedule a consultation with the Program Director.

What Can You Do With a Major or Minor in Africana Studies?

Africana Studies prepares students for many possible career paths.


Career Paths in Africana Studies

Education & Counseling

Preschool/Head Start Programs • Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Education • Research • Administration • Curriculum Development Programs • Counseling


Advertising • Consulting • General Management • Human Resources • Marketing • Entrepreneur

Government & Foreign Services

Community and Public Affairs • Economic Affairs • Governmental Relations • Public Office, Diplomacy • International Affairs • Attorney • Linguistics

Travel & Tourism

Communications • Travel Agencies • Tour Guides/Public Relations • Hotel Management • Interpreter • Publications

Performing/Creative Arts

Artist Management • Marketing • Music • Dance • Performance • Playwright • Teaching